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AIM 2019 Session Recap: Search Engine Strategies Forum

Search Engine Strategies Forum 2019

Multifamily search is nothing like “search one and done.” Research tells us that renters use a variety of...

AIM 2019 Session Recap: Resident Engagement

Resident Engagement: The New Currency of Multifamily

In the past, the nature of “resident engagement” has seldom meant happiness for property...

AIM 2019 Session Recap: Why Renters Leave

Why Renters Leave? Don’t Beat Yourself Up!

When good renters break or fail to renew a lease, we’re often left wondering, “Why did that happen?”...

AIM 2019 Session Recap: Multi-Touch Attribution

Multi-Touch Attribution: Changing Your Investment in Marketing

How can we know which leads coming from multiple digital sources are the best for...

AIM 2019 Session Recap: Maximize Your Leads

Maximize Your Leads: How to Increase Conversion and Lower Costs with Unattended Showings

Marketers have come to appreciate the extra reach...

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