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AIM 2022 Session Recap: Tour Talk - Enlightening The Customer With Virtual Experiences

Personally Guidable Virtual Apartment Tours the Next Upgrade for Leasing

Coming out of the pandemic, marketers have more and better tech tools to...

AIM 2021 Session Recap: Leadership Roundtable: Workplace Diversity and Inclusion in the Portfolio

White men barely make up 30% of the U.S. population, but they hold more than 80% of executive leadership positions in real estate. During the 2021...

AIM 2021 Session Recap: Best Practices in Resident Experience Design

Almost every industry seeks to improve its customer’s experience in hopes to increase performance and revenue, and multifamily is no exception.

AIM 2021 Session Recap: The Bulk Managed WiFi Evolution

Why Big Owners and Developers are Switching to Buying Internet in Bulk

Over the last 18 months, technology adoption for both multifamily communities...

AIM 2021 Session Recap: Entrepreneurship and Personal Finance

Calculations and Considerations for PropTech Investments

There is currently no shortage of investment opportunities in the property technology space....

AIM 2021 Session Recap: Seven Executive Marketing Lessons

From Seven Great Brands.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Learn from it.

AIM Reconnect: An Inside Look at Self-Guided Tours

Lessons Learned, Different Perspectives and Practical Tips to Get Started or Boost What You’re Doing Now Join us for a discussion with those on the...

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