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AIM 2022 Session Recap: Leverage AI & Data Science to Expose Renter Journey Patterns & Drive Qualified Leads

The resident journey today is a busy and complex one.

Apartment operators are learning more every day about how AI and data science can make their jobs easier while also potentially improving performance.

Mark Ham, Vice President of Business Development at G5 + LL by Realpage, led a panel “Leverage AI & Data-Science to Expose Renter Journey Patterns & Drive Qualified Leads” with marketers Sarah Gencarella, Director of Marketing at Olympus Property; Desiree White, Director of Marketing at NE Property Management; Dana Pate, Managing Director of Marketing and Public Relations at RangeWater; and Ariel Garcia, Vice President of Marketing at Carter-Haston

G5’s data observes over 297 million renter journeys every single day. This session presented key insights on how renters are shopping along marketing channels and what marketers need to do to make sure the right renters are found, connected to and converted every day.


In January 2022 on average, renters spent 22.6 days shopping before they even pick up the phone to call you. AI-infused marketing makes strategy smarter, more agile, and more discerning in finding people with actual “intent to rent.”

Marketers must thrive during that “silent” period when apartment shoppers are thinking about where they might want to live.

Persons interested in buying a Tesla can do so in three clicks. That’s the potential mindset of apartment shoppers so marketers must focus on keeping things informed and efficient.

Pate said two approaches are those of a chef and baker. The chef adds a dash here, a dash there; while a baker takes a carefully measured approach and stitches together all the ingredients for the best result.


Here are more strong comments from the session:

  • Don’t use “drive-by” as a source; “too many prospects will choose that because they really don’t know, and we know that’s not how they found us,” Gencarella said.
  • Garcia said with so many people today so distracted, it’s best to leverage texting as a communications channel. Ask, “How’s your apartment search going?” and “they will probably answer immediately,” she said.
  • Pate quipped, “A goldfish has an average attention span of 9 seconds and for people, it’s only 8.2 seconds. So basically, we’re marketing to goldfish.” Thus, be accurate and to the point with the information that will draw them in.
  • Google Business Profile pages for Gencarella’s properties at Olympus include an FAQ link with answers about that particular property that most prospects ask.
  • AI-driven call-scoring can help pinpoint leads into the right buckets, which can help marketers properly direct their marketing spend, White said. “If your data about price and availability is correct online, you won’t be responding to leads who can’t afford you or where you don’t have what they are looking for.”

AIM 2022 - Leverage AI and Data Science-high

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