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Topic: Data Technology

AIMx 2022: From Data Pain to Data Gain: See What You’re Missing

Technology Speeding Up the Process for Generating Apartment Performance Reports

Many today are drowning in data yet still struggle to get insights that can be acted upon. We’re downloading reports, copying and pasting them into Excel or we’re bouncing from one report to another because the data we need doesn’t exist in a single report. This makes the process difficult and time-consuming.

REBA flips that script by enabling its users to format data, reports, and dashboards as they wish so they can out perform on the four critical success factors rental housing companies share-maximizing rental revenue, proactively managing expenses, effectively converting leads to leases and providing great customer service.

It's marketing dashboards help marketers drill down into performance opportunities instead of choosing to immediately increase marketing spend to solve occupancy gaps. Its funnel analysis allows users to review actual conversion ratios and do “what if” analyses on how occupancy would fare with different ratios.

With priority setting, users can start their work days with a clear understanding of which communities and regions need the most help. Thresholds on key indicator scan be set to show where attention will pay off most.

It also can figure cost-per-lead and cost-per-leases in seconds.

It's Engrain-driven dashboards simplify interpretation visually. REBA spatially visualizes current and historical property data at the most granular level so users can gain the contextual insights that are not available using a traditional spreadsheet or chart view.

It's renewal negotiation dashboard allows managers to click on the resident in question and see all the variables that might play into their decision to renew: amount of increase, discount to market, rental history, payment history, service request frequency and most importantly a sense of what the situation was when the offer was made as well as whether there have been any material changes since then.

Finally, REBA's budgeting and forecasting application cuts budgeting time in half while improving the model's accuracy. Visit www.getreba.com.

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