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AIMx 2022: Are you attracting qualified renters?

Given Lifestyle Choices, Desire for Flexible Living, Demand Climbing for Rental Furniture

Excuse CORT from over-emphasizing 37%. It’s a key figure that means a lot to the multifamily and short-term rental industries.

It’s the percentage of those who are moving in the next 12 months that will consider a furnished apartment.

And Pete Regules, Area Manager, said that figure could rise in the coming months due to residents seeking furnished living due to lifestyle choices, and also driven by the digital nomads and the uncertainty of peoples’ lives. They also want flexibility and choice.

“Demand has exploded in our traditional vertical audiences, too,” Regules said. “And not just for short-term, but medium and long-term. Our average stay is nine months.”

He said demand for furniture is rising in all generational groups CORT tracks, up 34 percent to 41 percent.

He said that “Do you have furniture?” is among the top five questions prospects ask community site chatbots. And, when moving in, of residents who are asked what they are most interested in: the No. 1 response is furniture 29.2%.

Providing furnished apartments is an effortless way to attract more qualified prospects and close more leases, he said.

He recommends highlighting through online advertising on the apartment community’s website about the furnished apartments available.

Add a furnished apartment button on your marketing collateral, including under amenities listed on the homepage, the community’s “about us” introduction, the banner overlay, the button overlay, and the image overlay.

“This brought more qualified traffic to these sites,” he said.

Also, check the “furnished” box on your ILS apartment listing, Regules said. And display it on on site through signage such as on table tents, wall art and floor clings. Add a QR code so prospects can learn more about it.

Regules said that CORT programs also offer revenue share with its clients, “But really, it’s about driving ROI for apartment communities.

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