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AIMx 2022: Case Study: Overcoming Hiring Struggles with Technology

AIMx Perq

Andy Medley, Perq Laramar Group Case Study Co-Founder, CRO

Managing incoming leads was difficult for onsite staff. Unmanageable. There was a never-ending list, they would reach out, and it was rinse and repeat every day. Most leads were getting wasted. And wasting dollars. And the customer system was broken.

Hire, train, fire, rinse and repeat.

A chat bot helped answer questions, but it doesn’t reduce burden on staff.

Hyper marketing automation that answers questions, which helps. They found a CRM that sits on top of the CRM that allows them to use inbound marketing.

First is a heavy emphasis on the website. Make sure you are engaging and converting no matter wherethey are in the funnel. Schedule a tour, schedule a tour, apply now.

Second is automated nurturing w a personalized cadence based on the information you are collecting about the prospects. 

Process for a solution. Laramar conducted a 90-day pilot on three of their biggest properties and hadmonthly check-ins with the PERQ team with results analysis.

It compared 2-year, year-over-year comparison. Leads, tours and leases.

Studied how PERQ played in operations and in marketing. With or without PERQ and its website.

Compared their marketing lease sources paid and converting from their website in automating and not automating.

“We saw immediate impact on the team. We began getting positive feedback from the site teams about the efficiency of the platform in driving more qualified tours,” said Anna Shea, Senior Director of Marketing.

Recognized immediate relief from working their CRM lead queues, more manageable tool, could work on more important things.

PERQ’s interactive website experiences and website chat spurred a 113% increase in website traffic to lead conversions.

PERQ’s personalized nurture contributed a 182% lift in lead to tour conversions.

More leads from website traffic and more tours from nurtured leads, adding up to a total of $43,116 in cost-per-lead/lease savings.

“We’ve been able to drop underperforming lead sources and at the assets where we’ve done that, we’re running under budget on marketing by a couple thousand dollars a month,” Shea said.

Operational Impact

2,858 hours saved in lead management for onsite leasing teams, which equates to $57,160 in payroll value.

90.4% of tours were scheduled via PERQ, meaning zero human interaction.

A significant improvement in response time to resident emails.

“And we also looked at average email response times and improved greatly for some of our properties. We had one that was over two days and is now responding to all their emails within an hour,” Stacy Valentine, VP of Innovation and Technology.

Here is the replay:

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