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Topic: Sales

AIM 2024: Sales for Service Providers

Are you aiming to perfect your sales strategy in the multifamily sector? Look no further! We've got an essential resource that will revolutionize the way you connect with potential clients who truly appreciate the value of your offerings. Dive into our latest blog post, where we've wrapped up the key insights from a highly informative Zoom webinar hosted by the AIM Conference team. This no-cost session was specially designed for multifamily service providers eager to enhance their approach to identifying and engaging with the most promising sales prospects.

During this eye-opening webinar, held on Friday, March 15th, we gathered an expert panel from the multifamily industry to share their invaluable perspectives. Participants had the unique opportunity to hear directly from leading voices, including Joya Pavesi of RKW Residential, Kitty Callaghan of Wasatch Property Management, and Faith Aids of RedPeak. These seasoned professionals delved into critical topics such as the multifamily purchasing journey, budgeting for innovation, the realities of implementing new solutions, and the most effective marketing and sales tactics.

Our goal? To empower you with the tools to refine your messaging (pro tip: shift the focus away from your company), accurately segment your prospects based on their unique challenges and needs, and develop realistic expectations for navigating the complex sales landscape typical of high-value, multifamily deals.

Additionally, we're already looking ahead to AIM 2024, where we'll be hosting a session aimed at third-party managers. This upcoming event, scheduled for Monday, May 6th, will focus on crafting a standout brand to capture the attention of property owners—a strategy that's equally beneficial for service providers and vendors looking to make their mark.

Don't miss the chance to gain these critical insights. Scroll down to watch the full webinar video and take the first step towards transforming your multifamily sales approach today.

Here is the replay:

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