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Topic: Amenity Tour

AIM Reconnect - The Roaring 20s of Amenities: What Renters Are Actively Looking For

The next decade for multifamily is shaping up to be a unique time for renters and on-site staff. Renters have always led the charge when it comes to “the next big thing,” and they know exactly what they’re looking for on their apartment tour.


How are you standing out and meeting renters’ demands? Join LCP360 for a Roundtable discussion about adding value to your property in a competitive market.


What we’ll discuss:

How to actively follow renter behavior in 2021-2022

Your current on-site experiences with renters and leasing challenges

How to make standard amenities exciting again

What new amenity trends you see on the horizon



Nick Harter, Vice President Sales at LCP360

David Bieszczad, Senior National Account Manager at LCP 360

Here is the replay:


AIM Reinvent on August 16-18.

Over 40 snap sessions to show you what is new. Join us!

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