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Topic: Digital Affairs

AIMx 2022: Are your digital affairs in order?

For Apartment Marketers, ‘Keeping Your Digital Affairs in Order’ is Crucial

For apartment marketers, keeping your “digital affairs in order” is crucial to ensure success in both driving business and working with the ideal full-service marketing company, says Jen Lovely, EVP, Conversion Logix.

Among the best practices for doing so are making sure you know the passwords to your website, Google Analytics, Google Business Profile, or Facebook profile.

And be aware of who has administrative or editing permission on these accounts and which email address is on the accounts. This email should always be attached to the company, and not be a personal email address, Lovely said.

“To prepare for smooth and successful campaigns, make sure your chosen partner company gains access to your marketing platforms and document credentials,” she said.

“Keep your credentials with company email aliases up to date to ensure continuity when a staff member leaves. Most importantly, partner with a trusted advisor to ensure platforms are properly set up for attribution.”

Conversion Logix recommends a continuous marketing approach that uses scalable and performance-driven campaigns to capture, connect and convert anonymous prospects into leads, appointments and sales.

“Your work isn’t done when a campaign launches,” she says. “A team of digital marketing experts should be used to leverage campaigns and lead data gathered that helps to improve your campaign performance on a weekly and monthly basis.”

Lovely says that most organizations have limited visibility into the anonymous prospective customers considering their organizations online.

“By aggregating lead generation and communication in one place, Conversion Logix’s Conversion Cloud enables marketing and sales leaders to track the prospect journey from first touch to final conversion, delivering greater insights into the marketing channels and strategies generating results,” she said.

“It’s best to identify your highest converting marketing channels, gain deeper insights into the customer journey, and keep stakeholders informed with automated lead attribution reporting from the first touch to final conversion."

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