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Join Us At The Awards Show On Tuesday, May 9th at 3:30 PM

The growing number of pets and the increasingly important role they play in the lives of families and individuals present a new world of opportunities for the multifamily industry. The Pet-Inclusive Housing Report shows that bridging the gap by increasing the availability of pet-inclusive housing can help families find the homes they need, provide economic benefits to rental housing operators, and help up to 8.2 million animals find new homes over time. Many operators have already recognized this and are leading the way in terms of making their rental communities more pet-inclusive, setting an example for others to follow.

To recognize these efforts, Michelson Found Animals Foundation is proud to announce the 2023 Pet Awards. This event is your opportunity to showcase what you have done to build pet-inclusive communities.

The seven categories you can enter are described below; there is no limit to the number of entries you can make. The winners will be announced at a special presentation during the AIM Conference in Huntington Beach in May. We look forward to seeing all the great work you and your renters have done!




GRAND PRIZE! Most Pet-Inclusive Company  We also want to recognize a company that has become truly pet inclusive by eliminating pet restrictions and embracing residents' pets. Tell us about: the "why" behind the decision to eliminate restrictions; the steps you took and your comprehensive pet policy (including any pet fees), or the absence of restrictions; how you successfully manage more pets on site; resources devoted to pet amenities and spaces; how you help all residents feel comfortable with the pet population; and any data you can share on marketing lift, enhanced resident retention and sense of community will be a huge bonus. Finalists:

  • Bar Down Investments
  • Fidus Pet Concierge Communities
  • MC Companies    
  • Milhaus
  • Paradigm Management   
  • PMG Property Management
  • The Management Group

Most Creative Pet-Centered Event. It’s time to brag on your unique pet event that created participation and engagement among your pet residents and their owners. How many residents/pets attended? How did you market the event to residents? Did you utilize and partner with pet companies? Bonus points if you also engaged your non-pet owning residents for the event! Finalists:

  • Carter-Haston
  • Crimson - Gables
  • J.C. Hart Company     
  • P.B. Bell
  • RKW Residential     
  • Swiss Village
  • WestCorp Management Group

Most Innovative Pet Amenity or Amenity Group. Have a cool new pet amenity (or group of amenities) that has your residents buzzing? Tell us all about it and how the ideas came about. What do your residents say about it? Has it impacted resident satisfaction, retention and/or the ability to attract new residents? Finalists:

  • Birge & Held
  • CIG Communities
  • Fidus Pet Concierge Communities
  • The Management Group

Most Innovative Pet Marketing Campaign.  Has your company or property embraced pets as a key strategy to attract and keep residents? Tell us about how pet marketing is part of your overall marketing strategy. What are your key messages? Have you been able to impact traffic, revenue, profitability, occupancy and retention? Finalists:

  • Fidus Pet Concierge Communities
  • Fitzrovia
  • Gables
  • Presidium
Most Successful Adopt-A-Pet Event or Program. 

Most Successful Adopt-A-Pet Event or Program.  Tell us about your on-site or community/company-sponsored adoption program or event that assisted local shelter(s) in finding furever homes among your residents. Spill all the details about attendance and pets adopted. Did you offer any financial support to residents (like lower pet fees) or shelters (contributions)? Finalists:

  • Fidus Pet Concierge Communities
  • The Management Group

Outstanding Pet Citizen Award.  We have the stories in multifamily! Tell us about a time that a pet resident made a difference in your community, did something really remarkable, or simply added joy or calm with their presence. Finalists:

  • Fidus Pet Concierge Communities
  • The Management Group