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    Aim Video Awards

    Drone footage. Funny narrators with deep voices. Topical references to music, politics and pop culture. Those were some of the winning elements in the impressive array of finalist clips at the 2018 AIM Video Awards. MC Pete Regules (Master of Fun at CORT) was at the helm of the fast-paced ceremony, with a panel of three judges — Holly Joy Berkey (Senior Marketing Manager, Richman Property Services), Ashley Tatum (Vice President of Property Marketing, Seldin Company) and Eric Matulka (Vice President of Information Technology, DEI Communities).

    As the judges noted, the competition was stiff again this year. Full videos were shown for each of the winners with preview clips displayed in the pre-announcement roll. All entries were clever, well-produced and creative.


    The ceremony opened with the BEST COMMUNITY MARKETING VIDEO. The entrants were:

    • More Than Luxury - The Kensington - The Bozzuto Group
    • Flats 8300 Resident Testimonials - The Bozzuto Group
    • Crescent Highland Community - Alliance Residential
    • The Vue - Northwood Ravin

    Top honors went to More Than Luxury - The Kensington - The Bozzuto Group. The video focused on a concierge who works hard to forge a personal connection with each of his residents. It includes quick shots of residents discussing how great the service staff is. The video emphasizes the speed of maintenance, happy atmosphere and the fact that staff genuinely takes time to know people’s names. It also lists resident experiences and amenities, such as Wine Down Wednesdays, book signings, comedy shows and boot camp classes.

    “This showcases the authenticity that renters expect from us,” Berkey said. “With those testimonials they speak to what it’s like to live there. It’s very authentic, and it resonates.” Fellow judge Ashley Tatum echoed the sentiment. “I loved, loved, loved this video,” she said. “I shared it with some folks from our company. I told them: This is what we should be using. I love the use of testimonials rather than voiceover. I love the beginning. You have to really hook the audience in the beginning — and that doorman is great.”

    Next, Regules awarded the prize for BEST BRAND MARKETING VIDEO. The entrants were:

    • Building it Together - Alliance Residential
    • Lazy No More - LMC
    • LMC: A Collection of Originals - LMC
    • It’s Home - Bozzuto

    The winner was LMC: A Collection of Originals - LMC. The artistic video featured statistics and catch phrases, including the fact that LMC has built $8 billion worth of apartment homes across the United States. “We know our residents want to let loose and kick it,” the voiceover said. “Not living, loving. Excuse the awesome.”


    The next category was BEST TRAINING OR COMPANY CULTURE VIDEO. The entrants:

    • This Is Redpeak - Redpeak
    • This Is Updater - Updater
    • Alliance Culture - Alliance Residential Company
    • Aspen Heights Partners Values - Aspen Heights Partners

    The winner: This Is Redpeak - Redpeak. The light-hearted and personal video showcased the communities and founders of Redpeak. It also showed off the company’s sense of fun — employees wear jeans to work, pay nothing for health insurance and have fun offsite activities. It also subtly emphasized the value placed on loyalty, excellence and family. The video concluded that the company is “uncommon, a little sexy and fun.”

    Tatum commented that she noticed a theme in all the company culture video: “It’s the people who make the company.” Matulka added: “If you build a culture, it becomes second nature.”


    Next was BEST SHORT FORM OR NEW FORMAT. The entrants:

    • Take Your Time, Girl - Aspen Heights
    • Meet Aspen, Pet Approved - Aspen Heights
    • Aspire College Station - Dinerstein Companies
    • West Campus 360 Virtual Tour - Aspen Heights

    The winner was West Campus 360 Virtual Tour - Aspen Heights. The judges loved it. “I gotta geek out on this,” Matulka said. “The category was really cool. It was hard to pick one. They did a great job editing — you could look around and zoom into the area. It was truly immersive video.”


    The entrants in the BEST AMATEUR VIDEO prize:

    • Camden Cares 2017 - Camden Properties
    • Budget Zen - Alliance Residential
    • Aspen Heights College Station Wurstfest - Aspen Heights
    • Greystar Presents 12 Days Of Christmas - Greystar

    Budget Zen - Alliance Residential claimed the top prize. “I didn’t know how much fun you could make budgeting,” noted Matulka.


    In the BEST VENDOR/PARTNER VIDEO, the entrants were:

    • S2S And NMHC 40 For 40 - Shelters To Shutters
    • Smarter Software - Entrata
    • GTMA Gets Yelped - GTMA
    • Creative Storytelling In A Creative Way - GTMA

    The winner was a tie between Smarter Software - Entrata and GTMA Gets Yelped - GTMA. Commenting on the double winner, judge Tatum said: “We felt both of these did a great job educating and informing in an engaging way. The Entrata video did it with testimonials, and it felt very genuine. The Yelp video did it with humor.”


    The entrants in the FUNNIEST VIDEO category were:

    • We’re So Handy - Richman Property Services
    • Ollie & Oliver - Realpage
    • Aspen Heights Partners Values - Aspen Heights Partners
    • The Not So Secret Life Of Wood Pets - Wood Residential

    The winner Aspen Heights Partners Values - Aspen Heights Partners is a cheeky video that opened with the bold line: “Our values are so perfectly generic.” Summarizing the thoughts of the panel, Berkey noted: “I love when companies don’t take themselves too seriously. I voted against my own company here.”


    The last category was PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD. The entrants:

    • Aspen Heights Partners Values - Aspen Heights Partners
    • Smarter Software - Entrata
    • GTMAs Gets Yelped - GTMA
    • This is RedPeak - RedPeak
    • West Campus 360 Virtual Tour - Aspen Heights Partners
    • More Than Luxury - The Kensington
    • LMC - A Collection of Originals - LMC
    • Budget Zen - Alliance Residential Company
    • Camden Cares 2017 - Camden

    The winner: Budget Zen - Alliance Residential Company. Each judge had praise for the humorous and light-hearted video, but perhaps Berkey summed it up best. “I have a nine-year-old son who lives on YouTube,” she said. “He’ll be a renter eventually. He will be able to go to reviews and social media, and if it tells a different story than a video like this, the video immediately loses credibility. This feels authentic.”