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What is AIM?

Every year, apartment industry marketing and technology leaders gather to share best practices and insights to create better experiences for residents and the communities where they live. AIM 2019 on May 5-8 in Huntington Beach, CA, will bring together 800 industry leaders in marketing, operations and technology to educate and demonstrate the best in innovation and resident experience.

How can I participate in AIM 2019 sessions?

The first part of this challenge is simple: we need you to get excited and help us by proposing a session idea or a team that can lead a session. Last year we had over 40 session submissions and only had room for 10 sessions on stage. The strongest ideas and teams will win. Do you have an awesome team? Do you have an improvement to one of the session ideas below? Do you have data you can share? Expand upon an idea below or give us a team.  You can even provide a new session idea!

The second part, your commitment to make your content great. Succeeding as a speaker on stage is a commitment to your audience and yourself. You agree that if you choose to participate in a session you: are the primary contact and will notify JTCG if that changes, commit to timely communication with Joshua Tree Conference Group (JTCG) and acknowledge that JTCG will make all determinations related to programming.

Why should I submit a session?

So, are you at the cutting edge of industry thinking? Do you want to put your company and personal brand in the spotlight? Would you like the honor of helping to advance the state of the industry? If the answer is yes, please submit your ideas by completing the form below. Submissions are due by December 31, 2018.


Possible Session Topics:

  • Marketing technology: measuring the real world
  • Psychology of marketing
  • Automation and artificial intelligence
  • Leasing technology
  • Future Tech
  • Selling and marketing cutting-edge enhancements to rental living: service amenities, new technology and shared revenue
  • Back to Basics: Auditing Local, Search Engine and Review presence for Effectiveness
  • Transportation and logistics innovations in real estate
  • Ethics of personalized data-gathering and marketing