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Thank you for your participation interest in AIM 2023. AIM 2023 will attract the foremost minds in apartment marketing, operations and technology innovation to a three-day gathering at the Hyatt Regency Resort in Huntington Beach, California May 7-10, 2023.

We welcome and encourage proposals for educational sessions, as well as nominations of speakers to address topics that we intend to host. We hosted a Q&A session for interested proposers. Please watch the recording for the "How to submit a great speaker or session."



Our goals with AIM Conference education are:

  • To provide actionable business education for the multifamily housing industry;
  • To highlight breakthrough innovations relevant to multihousing owners and managers; and
  • To encourage brainstorming and connections that enhance all stakeholders in the apartment industry.

A few examples of successful previous conference sessions may be found here:

AIM 2021: Influencer Marketing

AIM 2021: Autonomous Leasing

AIM 2021: Celebrity Marketing 

About Conference Sessions

  • Conference sessions are typically 40-60 minutes. Sessions may be keynote sessions with no other content scheduled, breakout sessions that run against other sessions, small group workshops and roundtables designed for smaller groups to interact face-to-face in an informal manner. AIM Conference staff is solely responsible for selecting and scheduling conference sessions.
  • Content may be structured as any combination of visual presentation, panel presentation, interactive or hands-on workshop, research summary, competition, focus group, personal/general technology demo or game show. (We greatly prefer not to host “fireside chats”, product demos, or sales pitches)
  • We request that all presenters and sessions create presentations or memos to aid in teach that participants will be able to access post-conference as ongoing resources
  • All session presenters will be assisted in content creation by professional speaking/presentation coaches under contract to the AIM Conference. All presenters will be required to participate in a minimum of three pre-conference planning and rehearsal sessions

Proposing Authoritative Speakers

  • AIM is a gathering of multifamily housing executives. The best speakers are well-prepared, well-researched colleagues that do the same work at different companies, and that have already solved specific problems and can speak as peers about the work of running apartment companies.
  • The best speakers approach the task with a desire to share freely and educate the industry, for the common good of the industry.
  • A little ego and showmanship is healthy. (Executives “needing to speak” but lacking discernible content is not.)
  • Speakers with previous experience and training and public speaking are always a plus. However, JTCG has speaker training resources available to help develop selected speakers that have less experience or would like more confidence in their presentation.

Submission Deadline: December 14, 2022.