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Join Us At The Awards Show On Tuesday, April 26th at 4 PM

The growing number of pets and the increasingly important role they play in the lives of families and individuals present a new world of opportunities for the multifamily industry. The recent Pet-Inclusive Housing Report shows that bridging the gap by increasing the availability of pet-inclusive housing can help families find the homes they need, provide economic benefits to operators, and help up to 8.2 million animals find new homes over time. Many operators have already recognized this and are leading the way in terms of making their rental communities more pet-inclusive, setting an example for others to follow.

To recognize these efforts, Michelson Found Animals Foundation is proud to announce the 2022 Pet Awards. This inaugural program is your opportunity to showcase what you have done to build pet-inclusive communities.

The nine categories you can enter are described below; there is no limit to the number of entries you can make. The winners will be announced at a special presentation during the AIM Conference in Huntington Beach in April. We look forward to seeing all the great work you and your renters have done!



There are many ways to submit your nominations, so nominating a property or company is easy, see below. If you have questions or run into any problems with your submission contact Ross Barker @ r.barker@foundanimals.org



1.  You can upload a video demonstrating why your property or company should win the award category to your favorite video-hosting site, such as YouTube (unlisted is fine), Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.

2. If you have a video but are having trouble creating a video ID or link, contact r.barker@ foundanimals.org to set up a location for uploading your video.

3. If you have pictures but no video and you want to create a video, you can create a simple video using Vimeo Slideshow. This allows you to stitch photos together and add text.

4. If you have pictures but no video and you do not have time to create a video, you can send your pictures and a written description of why your property or company should win the award category to r.barker@foundanimals.org.

5. If you do not have pictures or videos, send a written description of why your property or company should win the award category to r.barker@foundanimals.org.

Whichever option you choose, be sure to fill out the submission form below.

*If you do submit a video, it should be 2 minutes or less, and can be as simple as taking a quick video with your smartphone or creating a slideshow.




Most Innovative Pet Marketing Campaign.  Has your company or property embraced pets as a key strategy to attract and keep residents? Tell us about how pet marketing is part of your overall marketing strategy. What platforms do you utilize? How have you been able to impact revenue, profitability, occupancy and retention? Has it been a game-changer?


Most Innovative Pet Amenity or Amenity Group. Have a cool new pet amenity (or group of amenities) that has your residents buzzing? Was it able to help you close new leases?  Tell us all about it, how the idea came about, how your pet owners are using it, and what they have to say about it.


Most Impactful Pet-Related Review or Social Post from a Resident. Have you really wowed a resident by going above and beyond, so much so that they posted about it? Was it your pet-inclusivity or responsiveness, or other factors? Please share this with us in all its glory!


Most Creative Pet-Centered Event. It’s time to brag on your great pet event that created participation and engagement among your pet residents and their owners.  Bonus points if you also engaged your non-pet owning residents for the event!

Most Successful Adopt-A-Pet Event or Program. 

Most Successful Adopt-A-Pet Event or Program.  Tell us about your on-site or community/company-sponsored adoption program or event that assists local shelter(s) in finding furever homes among your residents. Spill all the details about attendance and pets adopted. 


Outstanding Pet Citizen Award.  We have the stories in multifamily! Tell us about a time that a pet resident made a difference in your community, did something really remarkable, or simply added joy or calm with their presence.


Most Misunderstood Gentle Giant Award. We all know that large dogs can be intimidating to some and may often be misunderstood simply due to their size. Share your story of how your community’s gentle giant won over residents.


Most Photogenic Awards.  Time to brag! Please show us your residents’ pet pictures, whether feline, canine, or of the non-fur variety, as well as their name and a little bit about them.


GRAND PRIZE! MOST PET-INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY OR COMPANY.  We want to showcase a company or community that has become truly pet inclusive by easing or eliminating pet restrictions. Tell us how you’ve become pet inclusive and be sure to describe your complete pet policy, including restrictions on number of pets, species, breed or weight, or the absence of restrictions; resources devoted to pet amenities and spaces; and ways of helping all residents feel comfortable with the pet population.