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    The Next Generation Of Marketing


    Where Customer Engagement and Loyalty Intersect in Multifamily

    Forget the 4 Ps. Product, Price, Place and Promotion have been supplanted by Choice, Convenience, Cross-Device and Creative Storytelling. “Next generation marketing is not so much about a product, how much it costs or where it’s placed on a shelf,” according to Steven Ozbun, President & Managing Partner of LeaseLabs. “These days everything is about creative storytelling. Mobile devices have caused a massive shift in consumer behavior.”

    “The Next Generation of Marketing,” moderated by Peggy Hale, Director of Marketing & Training, Maxx Properties and sponsored by LeaseLabs, featured case studies and lessons learned from a variety of enterprise companies in other industries. Discussing Coca-Cola’s latest foray into millennial-friendly flavored sodas — zesty blood orange, feisty cherry, ginger lime and twisted mango — Ozbun directed the audience to give them a try; sample drinks had been left on each seat prior to the session.

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    “It’s not just about the Coke brand,” Ozbun said. “It’s about having choices. In the apartment industry, you have more choices than ever. Product has shifted to choice.” G.A. Bartick, President of R3 Consultants and Google Certified Speaker, shared a similar viewpoint. All the trends and marketing metrics that Ozbun touched on have been enabled by one thing: the rise of mobile. “The average American is within arm’s reach of their cell phone 23 hours and 40 minutes out of every day,” he said. “The other 20 minutes are spent showering.”

    While weaving in anecdotes from his travels and professional life — including a tale of a disappointing propane grill and a custom cowboy boot maker with a faulty branding strategy — Bartick said that multifamily marketers are struggling with the issue of lead attribution. “For so long, we’ve been looking at last-click attribution,” Bartick said. “It’s not about that anymore. It’s about the entire cycle.”

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    Recalling the AIM | 18 kickoff cocktail reception the previous night, Bartick provided a demonstration of the shortcomings of last-click attribution. He gestured around the room and commended everyone present for showing up to this first session of the day. “How many of you guys felt fuzzy this morning?” Bartick asked. “It wasn’t from your last shot of bourbon. IIt was from those gin and tonics, a little wine, some beer — the entire thing. And that’s why last-click attribution doesn’t tell the whole story.”

    Coming from Google, Bartick has unique insight into big data and the ways that a leading search company handles mass amounts of information about customers and their interactions. “Friction kills and speed thrills,” Bartick said. “You’ve got to be quick.” Bartrick emphasized the point that mobile traffic accounts for the vast majority of page viewership across the board. He urged audience members to analyze their websites: how sure do they feel about page load speeds and context optimization strategies for mobile traffic?

    “We need to understand what our customers are looking for and give them information when they need it,” Bartick said. “It’s not easy, is it? It’s about changing your thoughts and your attitudes. We don’t do what’s best for us. We do what's comfortable. You’ll learn a lot over the next few days at AIM,” Bartick added. “Take copious notes, ask lots of questions — and really take a look at what you can do differently.”